Reasons to Learn English

img01Learning English as a second language has a variety of benefits, which will hopefully keep students inspired and motivated through the educational process. Many people focus on learning English to help them in business or professional situations. However, here are some “fun” places where your new English education can be utilized.

– Books – you can get access to books that are written by the original American writers, and British authors, without the need for an interpreter. There is a great opportunity to read classic writers like Shakespeare, Dickens, and the original language. So you can enjoy the beauty of their writing in the original format without loss of information or context in translation.

– Magazines – many of the most popular magazines around the world are written in English, such as time, Cosmopolitan, The Economist, and more.

– Movies – learning English will allow you to watch English movies in their native language, and you can hear the original soundtrack or subtitles are not altered vocal translations. There are a variety of English slang words and phrases that are more colorful when he heard in their original format and then trying to translate them into another language.