2 fun new ways to learn English vocabulary

Learning a new language is difficult and boring. Every student learns differently, and it’s important to find a study method that is right for YOU. I want to put the fun back into studying English with two methods that are fun and which make learning easier and quicker! In this lesson, I will teach you how to make connections between words in order to remember them more easily. I will also reveal my hidden poet talents, so you don’t want to miss this one!


Yeah, that was fun. I’m looking forward to hearing that from you later. Hi. James from engVid. In this video what I would like to do is help you work on vocabulary. I want to make it fun, because when things are fun, you work harder and you learn more. And today’s lesson, I’m going to teach you two ways to not only just remember vocabulary, but learn how to use vocabulary in a way that we use it, and you will really understand it, and… Heck, it’s fun. You’re just going to have fun doing it. I’m sure you will. All right? It’s a little bit creative. So, let’s go to the board. Simple lesson. Here we go.

Two ways to have fun with language. Not just language, but vocabulary. Ways that you may not be studying in class, we’re going to do here today. The first one I want to talk to you about is fill in the gap. Huh? “A gap” means a space, there’s a space between something. So, here’s my hands, in between my hands is a gap. Okay? You have a gap between your eyes. One eye, one eye, space. In this case, you see I’ve got this: “tree __________ chair”. Now, fill in the gap doesn’t mean just one word. It’s a couple of ways you can do this. In this particular game, we’re going to take two vocabulary words, “tree”, and take another one, “chair”, and they’re kind of a little obvious to make it easy for you, but what I want you to do is one of two things.

The first thing we can do is use x words. What I mean by that is you could say: “I want to use five words, and I want to go from ‘tree’ to ‘chair’.” Or: “I want to use three words from ‘tree’ to ‘chair'” or two. Huh? Well, okay. How do I get from “tree”? Okay. “Tree”, “cut”. You cut the tree down, right? “Lumber”. Lumber you make into wood you can use. Let’s see. “Carpenter”. Find a carpenter. “Craft”. “Craft” means make. You’re like: “What?” These… All these words… And then I can say: “Furniture”. Okay? Okay, furniture. “Chair”, so if I have a tree, I cut it down and make it into lumber, I take it to a carpenter, he crafts it into a chair. Five words from A to B. So, one game is tell yourself: “I want to go from five… One word to another word, and I want five words to get there.”

And you can challenge yourself; maybe go from three words. Right? Or make 10 words. You can use it to describe something. How many words you can use to describe a certain thing. Right? “I have this word, and I want to go to this word. How many words does it take me to get there?” What this does is it teaches you relationship between words, and that also can teach you nouns and verbs, and how they function together. Or, we say “syntax”, right? So, start at A, say: “I want to use five words to get there.” This is a great word to do with a friend. You can say: “Okay, we’re going to do ‘tree’ and ‘chair’, you need to do five words that make sense to go from ‘tree’ to ‘chair'”, and put a clock on for five minutes. You go, and she goes, you write together and see what words you get. Compare, check them out. “Why did you choose this, and why does this word…? What does this word mean?” Right? So, now, you’re not just writing words in a book and saying: “This word means this.” You’re: “What does it mean? How do I use it? How would other people use it? How would other people think?” Right? Yeah. See? That’s fun by yourself or with a friend.

Okay, listen, the second way to play this game is: How many words to the answer? What? Well, we can pick up two random words, two, like… I have “chair”… “Tree” and “chair”, we could have put “chair” and “moon”. Now the game gets a little bit more interesting. Right? “Chair” and “moon”. How many words does it get me to go from “chair” to “moon”? Now, you might say: “That’s impossible. They have nothing to do with each other.” I could say, “Listen, the chair in my living room”-“living room” is a noun-“sits”-which is a verb-“close to the big bay window where I can see the moon at night.” How many words did it take me to get from “chair” to “moon”? So, it’s playing with words, being creative.

Learn English: 3 easy ways to get better at speaking English

There are easy ways to learn English, and here are 3 methods NOT taught in language schools or textbooks. These methods are fun, fast, and easy to learn! You will learn how to make studying English easier, and learn how to spend less time studying. Take this lesson and learn the secrets to getting better in English right now.

“The Prosperity Plan.” It’s empty. Why? Well, hi. James, from EngVid. I have a book, and it says “Prosperity Plan”. I know you’re here to learn English. This is a book full of secrets on how to make millions of dollars. Empty. That’s because when people tell you there’s a secret, there’s not really a secret; there’s a method behind something, and you may not know it, so to you it’s a secret, but you know, just like that book, there are no secrets. The only one is hard work. Let’s look at the three methods I have for you today in order to learn English, okay? Call them the “Secrets you need to know” because most people don’t know them because the funny thing is, although they’re not secret — I said it again — they’re not methods that are usually taught in ESL books.

The Kaizen Method, the Process Method, and the Writing Method are actually books I read on something completely different. But what I found was they were very, very handy for learning English. Personally, I’m trying to learn Spanish, and when I apply these different methods, I found my learning going faster and faster, and I actually enjoyed it. So I called them “secret” for you because I’m quite sure that your teachers haven’t sat down and gone, “Today, we’re going to learn the Kaizen Method of English. Then, we’ll do the Process Method, and then we’ll do the Writing Method.” No. Because they’re actually three different books, all right? So I’m just going to give you a part of each book, and if I come across to the end, I’ll give you another lesson on it, all right? But these are three things I liked out of these books.

All right. Let’s start from the first one, the Process Method. I know — and it’s in red, and I start here why? Most of the times people are learning a language, they want to — and this is what the Process Method is about. People start with “product”, “product”. What is a “product”? A “product” is something you can touch or hold. This marker is a product. But this isn’t how the marker started. I’m sorry. Okay, the marker started a little differently. I mean, that’s an alcohol base that I’m sniffing. When I go [inhales], there’s liquid in here. This is plastic — came from oil. So why I’m telling you all these things — you’re going, “Why are you telling me?” Well, things start in a certain way, but they end up like this. In fact, you can think of the Process Method versus product as being a tree and being a seed. And a seed, you know, little thing, you put it in the ground, and it grows into a tree. Well, when you have a seed, the seed has no idea that it’s going to be a tree and a big tree — how long it will take. But humans are funny. They want to start a language, and they think right away, “I’m going to learn English.” And then, they sit down; they open the book; they open the book; “I’m going to learn English. I’m learning English. I’m learning English.” And then they get upset one hour later. “I don’t know any English. I don’t speak English.” Well, it’s like being a human. You start as a baby, you grow to an adult. When we talk about the Process Method, what you want to do is don’t think about you want to speak English. Yes, I know. That’s why you’re watching this video and why you’re studying. Think more about what you’re doing while you’re studying English. And this is called the “process”. Go into the step. Concentrate on what you’re doing. You’ll find a couple of things happen: Sometimes you’ll say English is hard or it’s boring. If you do this method, you’ll actually stop finding it hard or boring, and you’ll enjoy it because you’ll be working on something specific, mastering that, and then you’re going to start noticing that the final product — English — is coming to you.

And it will come faster than you think. Why? Well, if you’re thinking, “I don’t understand this English”, you’re focusing, really, on you don’t understand English or you don’t know English. You’re not focusing on what you’re doing. If you take a breath [inhales] and go [exhales], “Okay. I’m just watching this video of this crazy guy who speaks very quickly in English, and just now, he told me to take a breath. Oh, okay. I understand.” And you’re ahead. That’s the Process Method. Take time to actually go back — when you’re thinking about it’s hard; it’s difficult or boring — and say to yourself, “What am I doing now?” And then look at that. Each time you do that, you get further in the process and you will end up with a product before you know it. Okay? Sounds simple, but try it. You can even do this on a date. That’s another story.

Simple Way To Learn English Grammar & Language

Early-Learning-InitiativesEnglish is the global language now due to outsourcing. India has gotten 1st position in outsourcing due to English language. There are many language and English learning institution. Most of the students want to speak fluent English to get a job in MNC or International Companies. Even in call centers better communication is the basic requirement for their employees.

There are many companies that make placing students learn fluent English language. The hardest thing for the northern Indian students. Most of the students are failures at present due to the lack of communication skills.

Despite the English grammar is easy, if a student understands its essence. To find it in the 1st student should know proper Hindi or languages, regardless of their native language. If a student is well aware of their mother tongue, it is easy to learn.

At 1st students should build vocabulary. To develop it students should read news papers on regular basis. During the studying news papers students should mark those words which he doesn’t know. After having completed news papers student should consult with dictionary and should write those word’s meaning on the copy. This process will take minimum 3 months to build huge word power.

After this process, students are required to complete the transfer of decision-making. Tense, voice, verb, mood and narrative chapters are the most useful, so it should be completed with the correct understanding. The pretext is the most significant chapter as it should be completed in a continuous process.

How Senior Citizens can Save Energy?

Senior citizens, oldies, pensioners, retirees and elders – they might be different persons but they all share a common dilemma – a limited income.  When you reach the old age, you have to leave your job hence no source of money and not everybody is lucky enough to have kids who can support them for their remaining time. With that, the money you have amassed over the years is your only salvager. And just like any others’ money, they run out so fast so saving and spending wisely is the key.

As a senior citizen, staying at home is the usual set-up and due to that, home utility bills start to outgrow but there are ways to save from all these sky-high utility bills. Help our beloved senior citizens and share these amazing tips on how to save from energy at home.

  1. When staying most of the time at home, change the lights at home to LED or to energy-saving bulbs since the energy consumption of these stuff is way lesser and cheaper compared to the ordinary ones. If they have thick curtains at home then clear them out during daytime to maximize the light coming from the sun, hence no need to open lights anymore.
  2. Unplug any unused appliances. Even if they are turned off but they are still plugged into an electric power source, they still consume energy that adds up as the time passes by. It will be better if all the plugs and power sources will be on an average level and always at reach so our elders shouldn’t have to exert too much effort on plugging cords out.
  3. Make sure that the heating and air conditioning system are all working well. Clean the filters of your heating system regularly to keep the machine working generously good instead of consuming a lot of energy and getting a little amount of comfortable air. Also, dirty air coming from these home dehumidifiers can cause certain illnesses especially with the weakened immune system of senior citizens. Call your favorite and trusted air conditioning repair for vegas immediately if any malfunction is observed.
  4. When heating food, better to use a microwave or a toaster for small portions since their energy consumption is way lesser than ovens and electric stoves.

These are just some of the tips on how we can help our senior citizens save energy and save money from paying too much. Share the word and let us all unite to keep their lives much looser and more gratified. When we all get old like what they do, we’ll understand how much a little savings can mean much.

AC repair carried out by an honest ac and heating Repair Co

If you’d like to switch your AC system rather than do AC repairs,you should do your research on the different manufacturers available. There are numerous different brand names and while an air conditioner is an air conditioner there are huge differences in price and dependability, but just because a brand is even more costly does not mean that it is better. Speak with a seasoned A / c Repair Company and see what they recommend. You also should check out the makes on the web. Consumer reports does a yearly report on the best AC units to buy. Some of the brands you can take a look at are Ameristar, Amana, York, American Standard, Trane, Bryant, Rheem, Comfortmaker, and Goodman.

How Senior Citizens can Save Energy?One of the things you could potentially not fully understand is if your a / c unit still is covered under manufacturers warrantee, and you allow anybody but a certified company work on your unit it will probably void the warrantee. And let’s face it if they discover a reason to certainly not recognize a warrantee the brand manufacturers typically will certainly. Also using an unlicensed Heating and AC technician means that you have no legal recourse if they don’t do the job correct, or if perhaps they cause even more deterioration of the AC unit.

When choosing what Heating and AC Repair Company you want to hand over with your comfort, there are a few things that you need to take into account, what is the critical reviews on Yelp, check out all of the testimonials bad and good, and always do your required groundwork on ensuring that an Air conditioning and heating repair company is licensed and bonded.

When faced with Air conditioning and heating repair, you should already have an honest Heat and AC Repair Company which you can use. Before you should have any AC repairs undertaken, do your homework on the AC companies locally. Check their reviews on line, consult with your neighbors, relatives and buddies, someone has used a good A / c Repair Company at one time or another. Normally you want a good small air conditioning repair company like this one as they don’t have the over head that the large companies have thus their prices should be better.

When searching for a new ac and heating system you need to look the brands up on online. Check out these different brand names Ameristar, Amana, York, American Standard, Trane, Bryant, Rheem, Comfortmaker, and Goodman. Do you would like to switch your Hvac unit, make sure that you read up on all the different models? You can find information on all models on the web; you might additionally want to speak with a few AC repair companies on what makes they like. A few of the brands that you can check out are Amana, American Standard, Ameristar, Bryant, Carrier, Comfortmaker, Goodman, Rheem, Trane, and York. When choosing what AC Repair Co you wish to trust with your comfort, there are a few things that you might want to think about, what is the testimonials on Yelp, look at all the critical reviews negative and positive, and always do your required groundwork on ensuring that an AC repair company is licensed and bonded.

Don’t buy a used air conditioning system, get a brand new ac unit for Henderson, Las Vegas area

Getting ready to purchase a brand new AC machine could be the correct approach to take. With the sale selling prices for brand-new AC systems you could save money installing a new system over making large AC repairs. Look for out different sale prices for brand-new AC units If you may possibly have had to do numerous air conditioning repairs on your existing system, you could desire to consider buying a completely new air conditioning unit. Look for out g reviews on American Standard, York, Trane, Rheem, Comfortmaker, Goodman, Amana, and Ameristar.

When You Need AC Repair Done Right Now

AC repair can be expensive, but it is important when you live in an area that is as hot as Las Vegas

It can be hard to find a trusted professional that’s going to fix whatever we need fixed in our home on time. Well, it used to be. It’s not anymore. Not with all the sources that are available to us. With all these excellent sources out there, we can get the AC repair done right, the first time we have it done. Here are a few tips for finding the right professionals near you.

Have you checked with your electric company? They might know the perfect AC repair company to repair your AC. You see, your AC and your electric company work together to provide you comfort in the home, this means they’ll probably know an AC repair company or two.

If you live in an apartment, you can get AC repair done right for free. They have to pay for any damages done to the building that are not your fault.

AC repair in Las Vegas done right the first time

You can get the right people to get your AC repair done right when you use Yelp. This is a trusted site that has all the  AC repair companies in your area listed. You can find quality reviews written by actual people. You wont have to worry about reading a fake review on Yelp because all the reviews written on this site were made by real people just like you. Isn’t that refreshing?

It never hurts to ask a neighbor. A lot of people have air conditioners that go out. Maybe they know a AC repair company that’s especially good at fixing the air conditioning units that tend to be in your area? It’s worth a shot.

You should never let the elderly, or children sit in a home that doesn’t have a proper air conditioner on. Heat stroke can really cause damage to them, and may even be deadly. That’s why you need to do the responsible thing and get your AC repair Las Vegas.

Always pick out an AC repair service company in Las Vegas that offers a fair rate, not the cheapest rate. The guy that has the cheapest rate might only have it because he’s desperate for customers. This usually means he does a terrible job.

I hope you find the right people to get your house the cool, comfortable temperature it needs to be for you to enjoy your life. You should never suffer in heat, and with all these AC companies around, you don’t have to. Please hire the right one today

Air conditioning repair problem for non English speaking customers

Las Vegas has a large diverse population. So it is not uncommon to come across and air conditioning repair customer that does not speak English, or speaks very little English. For that reason it may be a good idea for businesses that do home service to always have somebody on staff that is bilingual.

If you as a business owner are unable have a business owner to keep someone bilingual on staff there are services that you can subscribe to that will help you translate your customer’s concerns. The services offer a monthly retainer and an hourly rate. For some businesses this expense maybe more then what the service repair cost might be. Forair conditioning repair companies in Las Vegas this is not the case.

We recently asked the owner of TNA Heating and Air Conditioning formerly known as arctic hvac what was the biggest challenge when it came to communicating with those that speak a foreign language and not English. She stated that there are more languages spoken in Las Vegas then you can possibly keep up with. The most common next to English is Spanish. At least this is our experience in doing air conditioning repair in Las Vegas. So we keep personnel on staff that speaks Spanish for this reason. Even though the staff may not the fluid in Spanish for the most part a rough translation can be completed by each of our technicians.

It’s important to be able to discuss specific dollars and actual problems in Spanish. So each year we regroup and train our air conditioning technicians on specific words that they will use when describing the problem to a Spanish speaking customer. We also go over rates and fees and explaining those in Spanish.

Arctic company does AC repair in Las Vegas for those that speak English as well as do that do not. Contact them today for maintenance or repair on your homes hvac system. They offer very competitive pricing and 3 year warranty on any and all parts and labor.

Getting a honest evaluation of the air conditioning system is very important, when an air conditioning repair tech is at your home to repair your air conditioner, ask them to check over the entire system to give you an idea of what condition it is in and what you are going to have to keep an eye on in the future.  This should not cost you extra.

Adding an additional mini split ac

Quite often homeowners tend to convert their garage into additional living area. You might even find that some of them will convert the back patio to expand their homes square footage. If this was something you were planning to do, consider this. Your existing air conditioner if it was installed by your builder was designed specifically to handle the square footage of your home. If you expand the square footage the efficacy of your air conditioner will drop. It will also require more frequent AC repairs as the demand will increase on the unit itself.


No not in all cases, but this goes double for homeowners that lives in Phoenix, Barstow or Las Vegas. These town and surrounding areas have temperatures that reach more than 105 degrees. When that happens, an air conditioner is working very hard at removing that heat from your home. If it has to cool more area then what it was designed for it may not keep up. If it does keep up you will definitely be shortening the life of your air conditioner and causing necessaryair conditioning repairs that are completely avoidable.


AC-roof-mountIf you are planning to add square footage to your home consider this. Mini split air conditionersare remarkably affordable in relation to changing out your entire air conditioner to meet the new demands. Mini split air conditioners can be installed in one single day. They can also come with warranties in excess of 5 years. And not the least of which they operate at a very high efficiency. Most Mini Split AC have at least a 16 seer rating:. Some of them go as high as 20 seer.


You will find that there is another choice, because it requires no technical help and it can be done by a weekend handyman, many homeowners decide to put air conditioners that are not package units on their homes. These are typically window air conditioners. Most of them come with a 90 day warranty when purchased. And if the air conditioner breaks you basically just need to buy another air conditioner. They are not especially strong and cannot handle the same capacity that a mini split air conditioner can.


For more technical advice on installing a mini split air conditioner contact TNA heating and cooling of Las Vegas. They handle complete installs off full-size packager conditioners, split system air conditioners and mini splits. They also are one of the most reputable air conditioning repair companies in Las Vegas today.

What you can do to make Homes Appear better?

Adding easily-changeable color to an area’s decoration, the right glass treatments could help to make an area a lot more roomy. This can be a massive asset when handling rooms that have cramped-feeling reduced ceilings.

Check your home to make certain there are no reduced location, particularly alongside the structure. You should fill these locations with compressed soil in order to prevent disintegration and merging of water.

What to do to make your home better?

When cleaning, try using your aged tooth brushes. They are wonderful for cleansing grout and any area that has gaps.

Obtain a top quality stainless steel taping blade for sheet-rock insulation. A taping blade will be much easier to clean and is longer-lasting than a regular knife.

Have you seen many homes and considered the lots of restrooms and whether they work for you? The quantity of bathrooms is essential to the residence’s home value. Remodeling to feature 1 or 2 extra bathrooms can significantly increase your home’s value.

How to Decorate your Home in a Snap?

Make a detailed checklist of tasks you require to complete. Visualizing a clear concept of the whole task in your head before you begin will certainly make the work much a lot faster and much more budget-friendly.

Learn all you could around home remodeling and fail to remember others’ inputs. This write-up is filled with helpful suggestions you could use to prosper at home renovations.

Totally changing the floor covering in an area could be very expensive, no matter whether the new flooring is tile, timber or carpet-based. If you are looking to conserve money, think of tarnishing the concrete subfloor instead of opting for one of the above alternatives. This makes the room look commercial, and it fits a wide range of design motifs that can be transformed whenever.

Also small residence enhancement task can boost in your house’s worth. One simple means is to apply new paint you residence in and outside.

<h1>Make Your Residence Your Fantasize House With These Residence Improvement Concepts </h1>

If your water stress is reduced, it might be straightforward to figure out why. Make sure you examine all of your water sources to view if the entire residence is having the issue.

Keep your eye out for significant carpet sales at both floor covering shops and home renovation establishments. They rather commonly offer low-cost installation to urge people to get their carpets.

Do you need your improvement project to be finished promptly? You could usually discover an individual that will merrily take on the task.

It could be costly to mount new floor covering, so make certain to look around to discover the very best deals. There are deal spots and remodeling products at a discount.

Your homeowner insurance will go down if you place smoke alarms in your home. This is very important for older residences, as they are more at risk of fire. This addition could likewise assist in saving lives.

Ensure you have switched off the ideal power circuit whenever you do any electric residence renovations. Falling short to do so can result in electrocution or fatality.

Wallpaper makes painting a distant memory. Hanging wallpaper is a low-cost and easy method to alter the look of any type of space in your house. Beware of which paper you decide on, as some are much more hard to remove compared to others, in the situation you could not like it in the future.