Air conditioning repair problem for non English speaking customers

Las Vegas has a large diverse population. So it is not uncommon to come across and air conditioning repair customer that does not speak English, or speaks very little English. For that reason it may be a good idea for businesses that do home service to always have somebody on staff that is bilingual.

If you as a business owner are unable have a business owner to keep someone bilingual on staff there are services that you can subscribe to that will help you translate your customer’s concerns. The services offer a monthly retainer and an hourly rate. For some businesses this expense maybe more then what the service repair cost might be. Forair conditioning repair companies in Las Vegas this is not the case.

We recently asked the owner of TNA Heating and Air Conditioning formerly known as arctic hvac what was the biggest challenge when it came to communicating with those that speak a foreign language and not English. She stated that there are more languages spoken in Las Vegas then you can possibly keep up with. The most common next to English is Spanish. At least this is our experience in doing air conditioning repair in Las Vegas. So we keep personnel on staff that speaks Spanish for this reason. Even though the staff may not the fluid in Spanish for the most part a rough translation can be completed by each of our technicians.

It’s important to be able to discuss specific dollars and actual problems in Spanish. So each year we regroup and train our air conditioning technicians on specific words that they will use when describing the problem to a Spanish speaking customer. We also go over rates and fees and explaining those in Spanish.

Arctic company does AC repair in Las Vegas for those that speak English as well as do that do not. Contact them today for maintenance or repair on your homes hvac system. They offer very competitive pricing and 3 year warranty on any and all parts and labor.

Getting a honest evaluation of the air conditioning system is very important, when an air conditioning repair tech is at your home to repair your air conditioner, ask them to check over the entire system to give you an idea of what condition it is in and what you are going to have to keep an eye on in the future.  This should not cost you extra.