Adding an additional mini split ac

Quite often homeowners tend to convert their garage into additional living area. You might even find that some of them will convert the back patio to expand their homes square footage. If this was something you were planning to do, consider this. Your existing air conditioner if it was installed by your builder was designed specifically to handle the square footage of your home. If you expand the square footage the efficacy of your air conditioner will drop. It will also require more frequent AC repairs as the demand will increase on the unit itself.


No not in all cases, but this goes double for homeowners that lives in Phoenix, Barstow or Las Vegas. These town and surrounding areas have temperatures that reach more than 105 degrees. When that happens, an air conditioner is working very hard at removing that heat from your home. If it has to cool more area then what it was designed for it may not keep up. If it does keep up you will definitely be shortening the life of your air conditioner and causing necessaryair conditioning repairs that are completely avoidable.


AC-roof-mountIf you are planning to add square footage to your home consider this. Mini split air conditionersare remarkably affordable in relation to changing out your entire air conditioner to meet the new demands. Mini split air conditioners can be installed in one single day. They can also come with warranties in excess of 5 years. And not the least of which they operate at a very high efficiency. Most Mini Split AC have at least a 16 seer rating:. Some of them go as high as 20 seer.


You will find that there is another choice, because it requires no technical help and it can be done by a weekend handyman, many homeowners decide to put air conditioners that are not package units on their homes. These are typically window air conditioners. Most of them come with a 90 day warranty when purchased. And if the air conditioner breaks you basically just need to buy another air conditioner. They are not especially strong and cannot handle the same capacity that a mini split air conditioner can.


For more technical advice on installing a mini split air conditioner contact TNA heating and cooling of Las Vegas. They handle complete installs off full-size packager conditioners, split system air conditioners and mini splits. They also are one of the most reputable air conditioning repair companies in Las Vegas today.