About the Author

It started when I was a young child and I kept going with my dad to his work. I watched him build houses for our neighbors and for other people. I have enjoyed looking at his tools and trying them out when he’s not around. Until one day I found myself building a home for my pet dog, Johnny. There, I first fell in love with home building, repairing and remodeling.

I was 18 then when I started studying all about home designing and rebuilding in University of Chicago. It took me 3 years and a half to finish 4 short courses focusing in 4 general aspects of Home Building: Carpentry, Architecture and Planning, Construction Management and Craft Skills. After getting certificates from these major subjects, I started working in Reynold’s Construction Company as a Junior Construction Manager where I was tasked to look after the construction projects, supervise the sites and passed all the reports in a specific time frame.

I stayed in Reynolds for about a decade in early 2000s, I started my own company in downtown and I also evoked my writing skills. I commenced writing about home repair tips, remodeling techniques and design ideas for those who want to have a glimpse of what my company can offer. After 3 years of freelance writing in various home construction online sites, I came up with my own book I entitled “The Wonders of Home Building”. This is simply a compilation of all the tips, tricks and ideas; both old and newly acquired for my years of experience in the construction industry. Some of my articles were featured in prominent home and lifestyle magazines and sites. There, I know I’ve been being a good writer then, thank heavens!

Just recently, I opened my small company’s second branch in Berkeley and together with my wife, Adora and our two sons Jimmy and Joshua; we are all focused in working in each and every home trusted upon our hands. When the office is closed and I’m not writing, you’ll probably see me in a golf court playing and catching up with my old friends